Partying With Climate Alarmists

I spent yesterday evening celebrating at the Hotel Boulderado with a group of hard core climate alarmists, who are convinced that Boulder’s immaculately clean natural gas fired power plant is somehow “dirty.”

One of the people I enjoyed talking to was Lori Hunter, who had just given a lecture on campus about global warming induced migration from Mexico.

I pointed out to Lori that every time I go to Mexico, it seems to be full of Canadians escaping the cold.

So why was I celebrating with a group of climate alarmists?  Because they shared my goal of stopping CU and the City from developing the South Boulder Wetlands.

Another attendee was a guy who is starting an alternative news source in Boulder, and told me he would be happy for me to write articles representing conservative positions. Boulder is seeing a political change. And I am starting to educate good people how they have been misled by fake climate scientists.

Yesterday was the fifth coldest November 7 on record in Boulder.

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

November 8, 2017 at 05:23AM

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