Perth Water Corporation rainfall pages maths disaster

While checking end of October rainfall numbers at Perth water supply dams – I looked in at 2.55am on 31st Oct and I saved this table with data as at 30 Oct. Interesting that as at end October – Canning, Mundaring, Serpentine Pipehead, South Dandalup and Wungong Dams all recorded over their annual rainfall with two months still to go – and there had been 86GL of inflows for the year. Churchmans Brook and Victoria Dams were way down on their rainfall – funny that Churchmans Brook is the only one of the seven sites to record to 4 decimal places? But back to the real world.
Golly I thought – all this rain must be causing smiles at WaterCorporation as they calculate the value to WA taxpayers of all that free rain falling from the sky. I imagined articles in The West Australian mentioning all this free water.
Later at 5.51pm on 31st Oct the numbers for that day were posted – and the numbers were little changed from the 30th – see Tables below.
I checked again at 6.04pm on 1st Nov and the data for 31st was still posted but there had been a couple of changes see Tables below. Inflows jumped to 89.3 GL – maybe a cloudburst somewhere.
Looking closer I saw the numbers for Victoria Dam going haywire see tables below.
Checking on 3rd Nov the crazy numbers for Victoria Dam had moved left as per Tables below copied off the 4 screens I saved.

Checking today the Table has updated to 8th Nov and numbers are exactly as per 3rd Nov.
The rain chart for Victoria Dam indicates water that could meet Perth supply needs without desalination.
So nobody at WaterCorporation can be watching – it must be that nobody at WaterCorporation cares in the slightest about rainfall.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

November 8, 2017 at 01:42AM

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