Skeptics cheer U.S. exit from Paris pact at UN climate summit in Germany 

From left to right: Craig Rucker, Lord Christopher Monckton and Marc Morano

This alternative to man-made climate doom and gloom has been held to counter the contrived scares of much of the media and the IPCC propaganda machine, which likes to claim the CO2 tail is somehow wagging the climate dog.

Dusseldorf, Germany — Global warming skeptics have descended upon the UN climate summit in Germany this week, hosting a summit of their own to highlight the errors of the UN’s climate change claims, writes Marc Morano.

On the final day of the skeptics’ climate summit, the group gathered for a champagne toast to the U.S. climate exit or “clexit” from the UN Paris pact.

Europeans at German summit praise USA for exiting UN climate pact:

Lord Christopher Monckton, former Thatcher adviser: “President Trump is right. He speaks not only for the former Democrat workers from the rust-belt states whom the new totalitarians have callously abandoned but also for all who fear the establishment of the global totalitarian rule on the specious pretext of saving the planet. The science behind global warming has collapsed. So too will the “climate process”, a rent-seekers’ nirvana in which the many are compelled to impoverish themselves to enrich the gilded few.”

Dr. Holger Thus, President of the EIKE – European Institute for Climate & Energy on U.S. climate exit: “It was very important. What people don’t want to see is the U.S. is blamed for a lot of things, but in the past, it has also been paying for a lot of things. The core of the message of President Trump was is that he is no longer willing to pay things are not in the interest of the United States. The U.S. could be a policy model for other countries. There are many countries that are thinking of undertaking such steps.”

French climate skeptic Pierre Bouteille of the French group Climato-Réalistes on U.S. climate exit: “It was a boost to our morale. On climate Trump is doing the right thing. He is appointing the right people.”

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via Tallbloke’s Talkshop

November 11, 2017 at 11:12AM

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