Latest Nissan engine uses variable compression ratio system

A match for the diesel engine?

The end of the road for the internal combustion engine could be further off than some people think, if innovations like this can live up to their publicity claims without being too expensive for mass use.

Nissan Motor Co. will unveil its VC Turbo engine, which uses an efficiency-boosting variable compression ratio system, at the Los Angeles auto show next week, reports North American Energy News.

Shinichi Kiga, the head of Nissan’s gasoline engine project group, told Reuters that the global automaker plans to keep improving the internal combustion engine and that the VC Turbo engine is part of that vision.

On Nov. 28, Nissan will unveil its Infiniti QX50 sport utility vehicle at the LA Auto Show. The luxury SUV engine uses the variable compression ratio system which will boost thermal efficiency to about 40 per cent, as much as twice the level of current gasoline engines available.

Thermal efficiency is the power an engine generates from a unit of fuel. Kiga says his goal is to develop engines for Infiniti and Nissan vehicles that offer thermal efficiency of 50 per cent.

The VC Turbo engine could prove to be a challenge for policy makers looking to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

James Chao, Asia-Pacific chief of consultancy at IHS Markit Automotive told Reuters that advancing ICE technology is “one of the most overlooked trends in the industry.”

He added “These advances beg the question…Are EVs the best solution to the issue of vehicle greenhouse emissions?”

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November 26, 2017 at 04:33AM

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