Friday Funny – Bonus Edition: Josh on Mann’s call for “trench warfare”

Friday Funny – Bonus Edition: Josh on Mann’s call for “trench warfare”

Readers may recall a story from earlier this week where Lewandowsky and Mann called for “trench warfare” with climate skeptics related to a new slime attack paper against Dr. Susan Crockford and climate skeptics where Dr. Judith Curry opined:

This is absolutely the stupidest paper I have ever seen published.

In the press release, they said this:

To counteract the blogs’ pernicious effects, the authors argue that scientists must now engage in the “trench warfare” of public debate: “We strongly believe that scientists have a professional and moral obligation not only to inform the public about the findings and implications of their research but also to counter misinformation.” This fight, the authors caution, may require an adaptation of tactics: “Many scientists mistakenly believe that debates with deniers over the causes and consequences of climate change are purely science driven, when in reality the situation with deniers is probably more akin to a street fight.”

Josh weighs in:

The reference to “no more money” comes from this finding.

via Watts Up With That?

December 1, 2017 at 04:03PM

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