Chronicles of the Club of Concerned Billionaires: Twitter

When one might think that Google, Microsoft, and Twitter can’t abuse their power any longer, one is reminded that they can.  The Twitter worker who had deleted Trump’s account (which was restored 11 minutes later) was not a saboteur.  He was a contractor for the Trust and Safety (i.e., censorship) division of Twitter.  He just did his job – he deleted an account that received many complaints, according to his words (1, 2).  In February 2016, Twitter announced the launch of its Trust and Safety division in response to demands of the European Commission.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft colluded together to acquiesce the European Commission.

The kicker: the worker who deleted the president’s account is a German citizen in the U.S. on a temporary visa! He also worked for Google and YouTube and was probably also tasked to censor what we say in our country.

It appears that the Obama regime and its loyalists created and populated an unconstitutional branch of government hidden inside of hand-picked private corporations. This “branch” is accountable to nobody but foreign NGOs, UN agencies, and the left wing of the Democrat Party.  The Obama administration granted monopoly status or other preferential treatment to members and hosts of this Club of Concerned Billionaires.  Twitter is a part of the Club.  After Trump’s inauguration, the Club struck.  This legacy of Obama’s regime must be dismantled.

via Climate Realism Against Alarmism

December 2, 2017 at 05:55PM

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