None of the Climate Alarmist Apocalypses Have Occurred or Are Even Possible

The climate alarmists have long tried to sell their apocalyptic scam by claiming that their policies will avoid catastrophic increases in global temperatures. The Daily Caller has recently inventoried some of the widely publicized such climate apocalypses predicted over the last 30 years by examining 12 of them.

The alarmists’ 12 apocalyptic predictions have proved uniformly wrong. That’s zero percent correct. Yet many people, often liberal in their politics, support the climate alarmists, the authors of these apocalyptic climate forecasts. But even if only half of their apocalyptic predictions had managed to be correct, there would have been only six correctly predicted apocalypses. So it appears to be very likely that there must be something wrong with the alarmists’ ideas, not just random prediction errors.

One alarmist group collected 15,000 signatures for a new apocalyptic statement this year with strong similarities to an earlier one they issued 25 years ago when they only got 1,700 signatures, but which have not occurred. So they apparently learned nothing during the intervening 25 years or deliberately tried to ignore what they should have learned.

Several weeks ago I suggested six critical areas of climate science where the alarmists appear to be wrong. Area 3 in particular makes their apocalypses unlikely. The overall list is devastating since it includes the basic “science” they use to justify their climate alarmism. Nevertheless, most of the scientific establishment has endorsed the alarmists’ “science.” Obviously climate alarmism has nothing to do with “science” and everything to do with what the alarmists want to believe and want everyone else to believe as well.

Climate alarmism is basically apocalyptic scams with extremely high costs for everyone.

via Carlin Economics and Science

December 6, 2017 at 06:41PM

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