Case closed – malicious WUWT troll sees police show up at his door

(Saul pulled it off and remained invisible, aren’t you impressed, my two little twinkies? Hehehe, just 11 followers)

Lawrence is job hunting,  raising money for @MSF 

Currently negotiating the sale of the ironically named @4salePeer, to a semi retired gentleman from Down-under:

 I believe you two girls are soon to be the laughing stock of the Reality Based Universe,

and there is only one way out, 

as my Buddhist Tokyo Rose says,

Never bring shame to your family, 

always do the honourable thing.

Funny thing, she once worked as an exec at TGNA, 

at a tech center based in USA

There is nothing more I can do to help you,

I have told you WATT was required,

A real man would have accepted

Because they were very reasonable requests

And you tried to weasel out with some weird link

That went to a 404

Watch you back #fakechristian

Welcome to hashtag hell

#Randi has got himself another television evangelist

Those crazy texas evangelical wingnuts have lots of guns,

lots of anger inside

 You’re one redneck Texas Christian

two cases of beer

A pickup truck full of guns

and a fun filled country music listening drive

away from meeting you maker:

Say hi to satan when you get there

Too bad you didn’t use some of that cock-sucking $$$,

You make grifting Koch/Cato talking points,

To make the requested donation to @MSF

Too late now 

I hope you  girly men know that there are dozens of  genuine SCIENTISTS,

who are currently in on this humiliating lesson #u2twinkies are experiencing,

and the future pain #FakeChristians like 

and who are laughing their asses off watching you and your motley crew of scientific misfits,

run away and hide from #TMOSAT

First Lesson:

Exponential growth

Why are you silly science deniers so afraid to debate The Master of Space and Time and Potholer?

It is because you know you are going to lose,

 and running away and being laughed at is less painful,

Isn’t that childish???

How many thousands of banned and blocked accounts,

does it take to create a virtually silent twitter feed

Just look at little clueless joe bastarda,( I changed his name to the feminine Italian),

because little joe has no balls), he has been humiliated,

and ran away,

 not much masculinity seen from lil joe, 

Do steroids explain his lack of balls???

Do you realize that running away and hiding Is going to make you look pathetic?

Your cowardly silence validates my algorithm

Which validates weather and climate models,

and on Nov 12th will be used to show how your silence

and the silence of so-called sceptics,

proves man-made climate change.


You are not allowed to respond 

Your owners will never allow it

You are not allowed free speech

Slavery to big oil

 isn’t the way to live

And it’s a worse way to die

you have dug your own grave

This is just one of dozens of crazy emails with threats I received over the last year and a half. Some contained thinly veiled death threats, some like this one were irrational rants, some were incomprehensible references to things he “knew” but I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. The reference to November 12th in this email was a “drop dead date” for an extortion attempt (I was supposed to donate to the Canadian organization Medicine Sans Frontiers aka doctors without borders to avoid my exposure of “Koch dollars”). Of course, I’m not easily extorted, because I knew this jerk was just making things up out of his own Koch-fueled imagination.

My mistake was originally treating him with respect over a complaint he had about WUWT, and replying using my personal email. That was a dumb move of trust on my part that I won’t repeat again.

So, we nailed him. Despite his cowardice and shapeshifting, we prevailed, and we used his own stupidity against him to trap him in the “honeypot” so a positive ID could be made.

I won’t share the technique I devised, but it’s safe to say he had no idea what hit him when officers showed up at his door in Windsor. While it is very very tempting to share the file I have on him thanks to the police, I’ve learned long ago that “discretion is the greater part of valor“. I’ll just keep it handy, just in case I need to exercise my rights further.

Right Thomas? aka “Lawrence Martin”, aka “Reggie”, aka “Reginald Perrin” aka “Saul from Montreal”, aka “Solomon Gursky”, aka “Master of Space and Thyme” among others… here’s a partial photo of Thomas the troll from the file:

In the meantime, potential dirtbags that might be thinking of threatening me or my family or any other climate skeptic should think again. We won’t tolerate it. Climate skeptics are fed up with the threats and smears as we’ve seen from Dr. Curry and Dr. Crockford, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.

So, in closing…

Troll, troll, troll your boat gently down the stream…

Merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, anonymity is but a dream.


via Watts Up With That?

December 7, 2017 at 08:09PM

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