The sad case of Dr. Sarah Myhre

Lately, we’ve watched a gang of 14 authors (including Mike Mann and Stephan Lewandowsky) gang up on on a single scientist (Dr. Susan Crockford) over her published and peer-reviewed view on polar bear research and the failure of models on sea ice loss to predict the decline of the polar bear. The bears just aren’t cooperating, and apparently doing pretty well, but these 14 bullies decided they had to teach that woman a lesson by publishing a hit piece under the guise of peer review, which is now being advised as needing retraction for the egregious errors and falsehoods it contains.

In another arena, Dr. Judith Curry is getting beat up by Dr. Sarah Myhre, and Dr. Curry will have none of it.

Dr. Sarah Myhre. Image from Seattle magazine where she was named “one of the 10 most influential people in Seattle”.

This is due to this tweet from March 2017, and now a recent audio podcast clip:

Listen to this podcast:

Here is the text that accompanies the podcast:

Jacquelyn Gill and paleoclimatologist Dr. Sarah Myhre talk about the deep misogyny facing women scientists in online communities, and often in their places of work and study. Jacquelyn and Sarah don’t hold back, delving into their own stories of harassment and sexism in science.

Find Sarah on twitter at:
Check out her website at:

Sarah’s article on The Stranger:

It seems Dr. Myhre favors slogging Dr. Curry because she has a different viewpoint on climate. It seems overtly disingenuous to me, no wonder Dr. Curry called her out as a bully. I wonder if Dr. Myhre has the same viewpoint on Dr. Crockford.

Dr. Myhre seems happy to tell her story about the struggle of women in science while at the same time disrespecting Dr. Judith Curry:

Hmmm, she’s got a “show” at this years AGU convention, seems less sciencey than emotional to me. Maybe a little less attitude and more empathy would go a long way.

via Watts Up With That?

December 7, 2017 at 09:52AM

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