Trigger warning Snowy 2.0 is a dog

Judith Sloan writes in The Australian – Turnbull should dump Snowy 2.0 for clean coal – I have a list of 8 points about pumped hydro and Snowy 2.0
Can I just state a few relevant facts re Snowy 2.0. Please correct me if wrong.
[1] Despite the explosion in wholesale and retail electricity prices over a few years now and the ongoing closure of coal fired power stations Snowy Hydro had next to zero interest in Snowy 2.0 until the PM was attracted to the concept early this year.
[2] Pumped hydro relies on a simple concept of using cheap electricity to pump water uphill to a storage – then when grid prices are expensive you run the water down to turbines which generate electricity and the aim is to make a profit over and above what the project will cost to construct.
[3] Our grid electricity prices peak in the evenings and are at the lowest in early morning near dawn.
[4] Wind blows strongest in daytime while at night winds tend to be weaker.
[5] There is an energy loss in the entire round trip of pumped hydro and maybe the MWhr’s of generated electricity for final sale is only ~70% of the electricity required to pump your water uphill. No machinery is 100% efficient and there is friction in tunnels. There is also a loss of water by evaporation while in storage.
[6] I have not seen modelling to test the Snowy 2.0 concept despite we have years of AEMO data that could be a starting point for “what if we did this instead?” modelling. I would bet a bottle of ALDI Red that plenty of playing with modelling has been done but the results are not supportive of Snowy 2.0.
[7] There are also issues around the engineering impacts of construction and spoil disposal where I am sure Green interest groups will extract costs.
[8] If Snowy 2.0 is so good let private enterprise build it.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

December 30, 2017 at 01:28AM

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