Can You Imagine New England Without Fossil Fuels?

By Paul Homewood




As New England digs itself out of the snow, it is sobering to see just how much they are dependent on fossil fuels for staying alive.

Currently, at 1.24pm EST, oil, gas and coal are providing 63% of the region’s electricity.

ScreenHunter_1774 Jan. 06 18.25


Renewables are only contributing 11%, but nearly half of that is burning wood and waste.

Wind and solar power, that we hear so much about, is providing just 6% of New England’s electricity.

 ScreenHunter_1775 Jan. 06 18.25


With a lot of natural gas diverted for domestic heating, oil is now the dominant fuel, often burnt in dual fuel power plants, i.e.gas/oil.

In overall energy terms, of course, this means that New England is even more reliant on fossil fuels than the above figures suggest.

Note, as well, the 22% coming from nuclear. Unfortunately for the locals, they won’t even be able to rely on this for much longer. One of the region’s four reactors, Pilgrim at Plymouth, will shut in 2019.


None of this seems to stop the usual crowd from claiming that more renewable energy is the only answer.


Let me be brutally frank here.

If left wing politicians and their climate science fellow travellers succeed in their attempts to phase out fossil fuels, they will be guilty of a great crime against humanity.


January 6, 2018 at 02:36PM

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