Frozen Wasteland

The eastern half of the US was frozen solid yesterday. There was no wind in the Midwest, as seen in this plume of planet destroying greenhouse gas H2O.

Evil fossil fuels were keeping  the Midwest running, as the windmills were motionless.

Lots of ice around Chicago and southern Lake Michigan.

The Potomac was frozen solid.

I nearly got frostbite on my face due to the high winds and very cold temperatures in DC.

Democrats believe it is up to the people in this building to stop all this overheating of the atmosphere!

I had a long talk with a bright young science college student yesterday who was a big believer in global warming. He was astonished by what I told him, and said he had never heard any of that before. When colleges fail to present critical information, they are indoctrinating – not educating.

I’m hoping to do a DC bike ride today to document all man-made Polar Vortex ice. The winds have died down and skies are clear.

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

January 7, 2018 at 06:45AM

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