England & Wales Precipitation Series For 2017

By Paul Homewood





The England & Wales Precipitation Series has now been updated for last year.

Precipitation totalled 952mm during the year, slightly above the series average of 918mm. In ascending order, 2017 ranked 158th.

There seems to be little evidence of any real trends. Whatever trend can be winkled out of the numbers will likely be too small to notice, and swamped by the natural variability in the data.


The wettest years remain 1872 and 1768. The driest were 1788 and 1921.


A look at the wettest months shows no indication that monthly rainfall is becoming more extreme.




The wettest month in recent years was November 2009, with 192.1mm. Yet this was only 9th wettest on record.



January 8, 2018 at 12:06PM

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