Hewlett Packard Backed Report Includes Planned Penal Colonies for Climate Skeptics

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Willie Soon & Quadrant Online – the following are excerpts from a climate report which the Hewlett Packard website describes as a collaboration between HP Labs and Forum for the Future.

2028: Jean-Claude Bertillon, leader of the No Climate Change Party in Canada, is convicted of denying the existence of climate change. He is deported to the international convict settlement on Kerguelen in the Southern Ocean.

Read more: (p52): http://ift.tt/2CSA5WF

Governments push markets to the very limit of what they can deliver. In different ways in different countries, economies have been forcibly re-orientated to focus on dealing with climate change, in much the same way as sometimes happens in times of war. But in most cases this has happened gradually, ratcheting up over time, with citizens surrendering control of their lives piecemeal rather than all at once, as trading regimes, international law, lifestyles and business have responded to the growing environmental crisis. And so in 2030, greenhouse gas emissions are beginning to decline, but the cost to individual liberty has been great.

Read more (p 8): Same link as above

… in some countries a licence is now required to have children and these are awarded according to a points system. Climate-friendly behaviour means points…

It is not unusual for governments to monitor household energy consumption in real time, with warnings sent to homes that exceed their quotas. For example, citizens could be told to turn off certain appliances such as washing machines or kettles or even have them switched off remotely. …

Read more (p55): Same link as above

The Quadrant Online article contains other nauseating details of the author’s grim climate fantasies, or you can simply read the report itself.

Two of the authors named on the report, Chris Preist and Paul Shabajee, are described as being members of the HP Labs team.

I hope the association of Hewlett Packard’s name with this piece of fascist green filth is a ghastly mistake. I would hate to think a senior Hewlett Packard executive in a position of responsibility had detailed awareness of the repulsive contents of this report, yet allowed it to be published anyway.

via Watts Up With That?


January 9, 2018 at 06:22AM

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