Panic! Put up a solar panel or tourism will lost $40b in Australia. (Sure,and people “want” cold holidays.)

Another variation of Climate-Panic was unleashed today on hapless tourism operators. The whole entire $40b tourism industry in Australia is at risk apparently. Here are three points the doom-mongers and our “journalists” didn’t think of:

People like hot weather holidays. Climate change (if it were right) would mean longer beach seasons, more greenery, and coral reefs could spread. Average temperatures vary by 14C across Australia. The average January maxes range from 22.5C to 36.5C. Some fans of the renewables industry want you to believe that a two degree rise will wipe the nation off the list of visitable places, as if Hobart at 24C will be unvisitable? Sure. (Please sell me your tourist resorts now.) In recent record breaking hot years, international tourists to Australia have grown 40%.  See the devastating effect of the last super hot years on international tourism to Australia.

Australia got more tourists than ever in the hot El Nino years of 2015, 2016.


Amos Aikman in The Australian:

‘$40bn at risk’ as climate change threatens tourism

Australia’s $40 billion tourism ­industry is in danger, with visitors likely to face more bad weather, deadly jellyfish and damaged beaches due to climate change, […]

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via JoNova

February 7, 2018 at 11:57PM

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