Land Of The Rising Cold …Japan Sees One Of Its Worst Winters In Decades …Heavy Snow And Bitter Cold

A few days ago I posted on how brutal cold and snow were gripping the northern hemisphere from every direction. Prominently featured was the western Pacific country of Japan.

“Amazingly cold”

Not only had it been cold and brutal in January, but the story was the same already way back in mid December as well as Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye here tweeted:


Image cropped from Twitter

On December 10th, the Japanese blogger tweeted here:

This year early December in Japan amazingly cold throughout the country. In particular, the daily mean temperature in Sapporo city has been well below 1981-2010 average.”

Coldest October in 46 years

Already back in October Kirye had been tweeting of Japan getting started on the very cold side as she noted how Tokyo had seen its coldest October in almost 50 years:

October 2017 in Tokyo the mean monthly temperature was 16.8℃, the coldest October since 1971.”

In fact the cold in Japan started even well before October, 2017. Already in September Japan had had a colder than normal month when Kirye informed me that “Japan’s temperature anomaly for September, 2017, was -0.22C,” and then added she expected the coming winter to be “very interesting”.

And interesting it’s been.

Unusual cold and snow persisting in February

And now that we find ourselves well into February, there are still no signs of the cold letting up in Japan, let alone of the famous cherry blossoms making a debut any time soon.

According to the English language Asahi Shimbun here on February 8, seven people had been killed and public roads and services had been crippled “as record snowfall kept traffic at a standstill across much of the Hokuriku region of northwestern Japan.”

The Asahi Shimbun added:

Authorities said that 1,400 or vehicles got stuck from Feb. 6, creating a line that stretched about 20 kilometers.”

At her blogsite, Kirye reports here that so far this year 59 stations (out of 928 stations) in Japan marked an all-time temperature low in 2018. In Ohtake in Hokkaido Prefecture, for example, the mercury plummeted to – 24.9°C.

The Mainichi here reported of “cold air” and “heavy snow” along the Sea of Japan coast and added: “The city of Fukui in the region had over 130 centimeters of snow for the first time in 37 years.”


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February 11, 2018 at 07:53AM

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