More Fake News From Jillian Ambrose

By Paul Homewood


Jillian Ambrose has written yet another biased and inaccurate piece in today’s Telegraph.

As usual, it is behind a paywall, and I am banned from recopying it.

For those who can see it, it is here.


The basis of the story is actually relevant. Apparently Tory backbenchers are getting worked about attempts by our fragrant climate minister, Claire Perry, to drop the 2015 manifesto promise to stop subsidising onshore wind farms.

It was actually suspected a couple of years ago that this might happen, when Andrea Leadsom was in charge.

Edward Malnick, the political reporter covers this part of the story. However, Ambrose fills out the article with her usual pro-renewable bias and inaccuracy.

Along the way, she gives a free soundbite to Emma Pinchbeck, her buddy at Renewable UK, the lobbyists for renewables.


The very first paragraph claims that the 2015 Tory  manifesto pledge was to “block” onshore wind farms.

As I have pointed out before, what the manifesto clearly promised was that “new subsidies for onshore wind farms would be ended”.

There has been no attempt to “block” anything. If investors want to build onshore wind farms, they can do, subject of course to normal planning approval.


Then this graph appears, purporting to show the enormous strides made by renewable energy, with output over 60 Mtoe in 2015:




Although it is claimed to be based on ONS data, it bears no resemblance whatever to the real data, which shows renewable energy production at 14.07 Mtoe for 2015.

This is a mere 7% of total energy consumption.





Why has Jillian got her numbers so badly wrong? It may be that she has confused Mtoe with Twh. Notice that wind power comes to 40 Twh on the BEIS table below for renewable electricity generation.

Her graph coincidentally claims about 40 Mtoe.



If she really can’t tell the difference between Mtoe and Twh, as the Energy Editor she should be sacked now!


But it gets worse!

Her next graph claims that renewable energy production has now eclipsed that of oil and gas:




This is totally nonsensical.

Again going back to the official govt figures, we see that oil and gas add up to 89.2 Mtoe for 2015, compared to 14.07 Mtoe for renewables.



And as far as value is concerned, oil and gas accounted for 43% of energy production in 2015.

Electricity also accounted for an extra 42%, of which the largest part would have been from gas as well. As renewables only accounted for about a quarter of electricity generation in that year, that means that their contribution to overall energy output would have been about 10%.



Quite simply, the Telegraph graph is completely fake.

Which leads us to the question of just where it came from.

It is clear that Jillian Ambrose does not know the first thing about accessing this data, so it is unlikely to have come from her.

Which leads us to the natural conclusion that the graph originated from her chum Emma Pinchbeck, of Renewable UK.

Renewable UK is a lobby group for renewable interests, previously known as the British Wind Energy Association. Its whole existence is based on promoting the interests of its members, and any information it published would normally be treated with excessive suspicion by any proper journalist.

Yet Jillian Ambrose invariably gives space to Emma Pinchbeck in just about every article she writes to propagate the latter’s biased views. One wonders why?


Renewable UK offer this rundown of Pinchbeck’s CV:

Emma joined RenewableUK in 2016. She sets the overal strategy for RenewableUK’s communications and policy teams. Before joining RenewableUK, Emma headed up Climate Change & Energy at the NGO WWF-UK, where she worked on issues like the international UN Paris Agreement on climate change, and a successful campaign to secure a phase out coal-fired power generation in the UK


The idea that we can rely on anything young Emma has to say is manifestly laughable.


February 11, 2018 at 04:42PM

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