Andrew Weaver’s Defamation Case Against Tim Ball Thrown Out By Judge

By Paul Homewood


Breaking news from Principia Scientific International:


After 3-week trial Canadian judge dismisses all charges in the lawsuit brought against Dr. Tim Ball by British Columbia Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. Climate skeptics are hailing the verdict as a key victory over extremists promoting human-caused global warming. Not a peep from the mainstream media!

Speaking to Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, Ball explained:

The judge ruled that Weaver was not defamed by me and dismissed the claim completely. This was after almost seven years and thousands of dollars in legal costs.” But Ball lamented, “There are no media reports and my guess is there won’t be any.”

Professor Andrew Weaver is a champion of Canadian greens and Desmogblog (a site funded by a convicted criminal). View the lawsuit here.

One Down, One to Go!

Dr Ball, a 79-year-old retired climate professor has for decades been a staunch critic of what many see as alarmist junk science peddled by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The Weaver-v-Ball trial is one of the three lawsuits Dr Ball received from the same hotshot libel lawyer, Roger McConchie, on behalf of three prominent members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The most high-profile of the cases being the still outstanding libel suit Dr Ball defends against Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann.

Over the six years while these cases were running Dr Ball has witnessed relentless and systemic media bias. He recalls:

“At 09:30 on the day the trial started we were told there was no judge or courtroom assigned. Amazingly and incorrectly, that information was reported almost immediately on media claiming the trial was postponed. It wasn’t, because by 11:00 a judge and courtroom were assigned and the trail began at 11:30. The postponement story likely explained why no media attended a single day of the three-week trial. The nature of the case that involves a so-called climate change denier will likely also be ignored.”

A Back Story of Systemic Persecution

The first of three climate lawsuits served on Ball was filed on behalf of Gordon McBean, a former Assistant Deputy Minister at Environment Canada. He chaired the founding meeting of the IPCC in 1985. On the McBean case Ball chose to avoid a legal battle explaining:

My wife and I decided not to fight the McBean case because of the legal cost involved. We simply withdrew the article.

Not surprisingly, alarmists trumpeted a resounding defeat for Ball, who was repeatedly targeted for further personal attacks on his academic credentials and competency to comment on climate matters.



Read the full story here.


February 15, 2018 at 04:33AM

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