Wind’s False Promise Of Environmental Purity…Everywhere “Everything Is Rotating And Blinking”…”High Price To Pay”

Public opinion of wind energy in Germany, once unanimously high, has eroded considerably over the past years as more people begin to realize that the country’s once idyllic countryside is turning into a blighted industrial landscape.

The earlier visions of environmental purity are instead turning out to be illusions by con-artists. The reality is an environmental hell.

In an opinion piece at German flagship daily Die Welt, Wolfgang Büscher wrote:

Wind energy is destroying the country more than any other industry.”

Blighted landscape…everything “blinking and rotating”

And the irony could not be more glaring. German environmentalists used to be devoted to all things that protected forests and rural countryside against the ravages of industrialization. But now, Büscher writes, “It’s the same activists who are blandishing the blighting of the landscape.”

Büscher describes the views of wind parks in Bavaria as “massively appalling”. While German industry once only ruined local areas of the country, such as the Ruhr industrial region, Büscher adds:

The wind industry is not satisfied with that. It wishes to subject the entire country to its moral galvanized industry. Whether it’s Magdeburg or Warburg Saxony Anhalt regions, whether it’s Holstein or the lower Harz region – everything is rotating and blinking, the further north you go, the worse it is.”

Büscher forgot to mention “whooshing” and “shredding”.

Germany’s march into environmental insanity

Yet, in the eyes of the wind industry, Büscher laments, “The wind industrialization of Germany is not only without alternative, it is an aesthetic benefit. The industry truly believes the entire country needs to by planted with turbines from border to border.”

As incredible as it may be that a country managed to get its citizens to march into the murderous folly of Nazism some 85 years ago, a similar phenomenon is happening today on the environmental front: there’s now the mad march into environmental murder. The collective German conscience still truly believes it’s all going to rescue the planet from a climate calamity which a group of (false) prophets foresee arriving in the year 2100. Environmental purity awaits!

Back on the eerie path of self-destruction

Of course wind industrialization cannot be compared to Nazism on the scales of murder and destruction, but the path and development stages of the two insanities are the eerily similar. Both proceeded as follows: 1) visions and promises of purification, 2) the mad, blind rush into the project 3) critics silenced, 4) signs of mounting failure ignored, 5) denial, retreat to the bunkers and 6) in evitable self-destruction. In both cases it’s all brought on by intoxicated leaders, one-sided media apparatus, crony industries, dogmatist institutions and scrupelous banks.

Once madness goes collective, it becomes very difficult to stop.

When Germany gets an obsession in its head, the only thing that is left to stop it is the act of letting it play out and until it destroys itself. We may soon be witnessing the Rise and Fall of The Environmental Reich. Currently we find ourselves somewhere between phases 4 and 5.

Fortunately there are shimmers of hope that leading politicians are beginning to understand, as the newly formed Merkel-led government seems to be in no hurry to keep promoting big wind at any cost.

Former federal minister: “high price to pay”

Not only is the environmental price mentioned by Büscher excruciatingly high, but so is the financial price of the Energiewende, this according to former German Transportation Minister, Peter Ramsauer, now Chairman of the Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development.

In a recent interview with the Passauer Neuen Presse (PNP), Ramsauer slammed Germany’s rapid march into the Energiewende, telling the Bavarian online daily: “We have a high price to pay for the Energiewende.”

“Object lesson to other countries”

Ramsauer warned against the hasty shutdown of half of the country’s nuclear power plants in the wake of the Fukushima disaster back in 2011, “but no one wanted to listen”.

The PNP writes that it was “a fundamental mistake to believe that it would be possible to adequately replace the nuclear power”. Ramsauer told the PNP:

Germany is paying a high price for it and offers an object lesson to other countries.”

The PNP summarizes: “There’s no going back. The deadline for shutting down the remaining nuclear reactors is 2022. Ramsauer says that Germany will have to get used to high electricity prices and dependency on Russian gas. The folly will then be complete.”


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March 13, 2018 at 05:45AM

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