Ice-Free Arctic Fantasies Melting Away As Temperatures Plummet…Sea Ice Mass Grows Impressively

German skeptic and weather expert ‘Schneefan’ here writes how climate activist Mark C. Serreze recently announced this year’s sea ice extent was at the smallest all-time area. But since then Arctic temperatures have plummeted and sea ice area has grown to over 14 million square kilometers:

At the sea ice portal, the development is clearly shown.

Chart: University of Bremen

On March 103 2018 sea ice extent in the Arctic reached 14.55 million km² and so the end of Arctic sea ice growth had in fact not been reached.

The plunge in the mean temperature north of 80°N to -25°C can be seen in the plot by the DMI, and so a growth in sea ice was expected.

After an increase to about -10°C in February (due to a weather pattern) the average temperature above 80°N latitude has since fallen to -25°C. Source: DMI.

Naturally the German mainstream media such as ARD television pounced on the news and set off the climate catastrophe alarms, and thus ended up reporting totally falsely again on the real sea ice development in the Arctic: ARD: heat wave in Arctic.

A heat wave at a mean temperature of -10°C?

Below is what the ARD fake “heat wave” really looks like in the Arctic for the entire 2017/18 winter, shown by a plot of the NOAA reanalysis using measured and computed mean temperatures:

The NOAA reanalysis shows the mean 2m-temperatures for the northern hemisphere in the winter of 2017/18. Source: NOAA reanalysis

Perhaps the editors at ARD should have been more careful in checking where this faulty Arctic information came from before coming out with such climate-alarmist fake news.

A check in the Internet shows that the ARD report quoted Mark C. Serreze, a known climate activist, IPCC author and the person who coined the term Arctic sea ice “death spiral”.

He worked earlier together with the now embarrassed Peter Wadhams, who over the past years falsely forecast  the disappearance of Arctic sea ice on multiple occasions. What unfortunately has escaped the media, such as ARD, is the fact that the Arctic ice cap at the start of March 2018 is much thicker than it was 10 years ago, see the alternating charts that follow:

Impressive growth: sea ice volume (smaller chart, black curve) is greater in March 2018 than the two previous years and is near the average level (gray area) of the past years.

As everyone is aware, the multiple-year ice melts more slowly than the thinner one-year ice – and so we sill see how many Wadhams (1 Wadham = 1 million km²) will be left in September 2018.

This leads us to conclude that there is nothing left of the absurd, Al Gore envisioned, ice-free Arctic fantasies which were suppose to come true already in 2016.

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March 14, 2018 at 08:20AM

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