ITV News: Wind Farm Blades Eroding After Few Years At Sea

By Paul Homewood



Talking of wind power costs, a special ITV report this week reveals how 140 turbine blades are having to be replaced because of erosion at the London Array, only launched in 2013:



An investigation by ITV News Meridian has revealed that turbine blades at the world’s largest offshore wind farm off Kent have developed a fault.

Actress and activist Emma Thompson has even fronted a controversial Greenpeace campaign, claiming wind power costs have halved.

However, this video has since been removed from their website and social media sites.


Erosion repairs to the turbines could cost millions of pounds as the owners are forced to carry out emergency repairs to 140 of the turbines.

Critics of the so-called ‘green energy’ say it raises questions about whether wind power makes economic sense.


The ITV video report can also be viewed on the above link.

Despite luvvie Emma Thompson’s grossly misleading claims, the London Array earned an estimated £265 million in ROC subsidies last year, on top of the value of electricity sold.

It will continue to harvest such obscene amounts for the next twenty years, unless it drops to pieces in the meantime.

When the London Array was launched, David Cameron lauded it as a great day. Unfortunately the rest of us will be paying for it for a long time to come.


March 14, 2018 at 05:18PM

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