Russia was feeding Green anti-Frack campaigns so it can get rich selling gas to snowflake nations

The Western media was apoplectic about Russia!Trump!Hillary! but apparently missed the real game. Behind the scenes, the Russians were feeding the eco-gullibles “Frack-hate” campaigns in the UK and elsewhere in the hope of curbing the threat Fracking posed to Russian gas exports. It’s paying off — British people are buying Russian gas.

Did the Russians capture Victoria and South Australia? Who knows. The ABC won’t ask, and environmentalists won’t tell. Possibly Putin didn’t need to bother — we’re pretty good at destroying our export industries ourselves.

Before we’d even had a debate here in Australia, everyone “knew” fracking was bad.

h/t to GWPF which has a whole string of stories.

Green Russian Anti-Fraking Campaign paying off: Britain becomes more dependent on Putin’s Gas

Financial Times, 14/03/18

Half of Britain’s imports of liquefied natural gas so far this year have come from Russia, illustrating how UK households have started sending more money to Moscow after Vladimir Putin made boosting exports of the super-cooled fuel a priority.

The background –Russia’s War on Fracking

Tom Rogan, National Review Online, Feb 2015

Today, Russia is waging another active-measures campaign. But this time Russia’s target is fracking. The facts […]

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March 14, 2018 at 10:13AM

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