Whiny Hayhoe Gets Her Facts Wrong Again

By Paul Homewood


WUWT reports on Katharine Hayhoe’s latest whiny little, holier than thou interview:



Katharine Hayhoe Reveals Surprising Ways to Talk About Climate Change

By Katie O’Reilly

When it comes to climate change denialism, Hayhoe tends to defer to social scientists. “They’ve found that more education doesn’t change people’s perceptions—that in fact, the people with the highest degree of science literacy aren’t the ones who are most concerned, but rather, the most polarized. Because those people can muster evidence to explain why they’re right, too.”

Hayhoe vehemently advises against engaging with the “smokescreens” skeptics tend to offer as the reasons they couldn’t possibly agree with or act on the issue of climate change. “There’ll be no progress that way,” she insists. “It’s a lot easier for people to say, ‘I have a problem with the science’ than it is to talk about what the real problem is.”



Whine, whine.

But in true “economical with the truth Hayhoe fashion”, she goes on to answer this question:


Q What about when you get stuck? Say you’ve landed on shared values—you and a climate denier agree the weather has been wild, but they just insist, "Oh, it’s just part of the natural cycle." What then?

A Here’s where you pivot and move on, beyond what they disagree on, to something you both agree on. You might offer one phrase of dissent—perhaps, "According to natural cycles we should be cooling down right now, not warming." But then, before the conversation becomes a game of whack-a-mole, change the subject. Try, "Did you know that China and India have more solar energy than any other countries in the world? I’m a little worried the U.S. is falling behind; aren’t you worried, too?"

Two things stand out here:

1) When the wicked denier suggests that wild weather is just a regular, natural event, Hayhoe rapidly backs off and changes the topic. I wonder why!!


2) China and India have more solar energy than any other countries in the world.

Strange that, because according to the most recent data, solar energy in India only produced 11.9 TWh, well below not only the US and China, but also Germany, Italy, and Spain.






Needless to say, China is always wheeled out as the “biggest” blah ,blah. What Hayhoe and the rest always forget to tell is total electricity generation in China is also far and away the largest in the world. In 2016, it totalled 6142 TWh, with the US next highest at 4350 TWh.

In fact, solar only accounted for 1.1% of China’s power in that year, below the global figure of 1.3%.


As far as climate science is concerned, facts are all too often an embarrassment that are best ignored. When they spoil your story, then, hey, just make some up!



March 21, 2018 at 01:27PM

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