It Was Earth Hour Last Night (In Case You Didn’t Notice!)

By Paul Homewood


You probably did not notice, but it was Earth Hour last night at 8.30 pm local time.

While the virtue signallers at the BBC made a song and dance about it, the rest of us it seems just carried on as normal:


Electricity demand peaked as it usually does in early evening around 7.00pm, then gradually tailed off during the evening.

The profile is barely different to last Saturday’s, though demand during the day was slightly higher then because the cold weather.



You may also have noted that during Earth Hour, wind power was supplying a pathetic 2.4% of total supply, with none from solar of course.

Fortunately we still had coal and gas contributing 13% and 52% respectively. Those very same fossil fuels that the virtue signallers say we should stop using.

I might have been a bit more impressed if the BBC had shut down completely for an hour.

Indeed, here is my suggestion for next year. Let’s turn off all the gas and coal power plants for an hour, shut the BBC, and ban the use of electricity and gas in all public services. We’ll soon see how keen the public are about addressing climate change!


March 25, 2018 at 07:33AM

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