Alberta breaks 83-year-old cold records

Red Deer, Grande Prairie and Pincher Creek will remember Saturday as the coldest March 31 on record.

Grande Prairie dropped to -30 C (-22F) overnight breaking an 83-year-old record. Pincher Creek hit -21 C, edging an 82-year record, and Red Deer hit -22 C, breaking a record low of -19.4 C set in 1975.

Fort McMurray and Cold Lake set new low temperature records on Friday with lows of -31.7 C and -21.7 C respectively.

A cold front passed through the southwest corner of the province Saturday morning dropping temperatures in places like Cardston by 15 degrees within an hour.

As if that weren’t enough, Calgary was expecting the coldest Easter weekend since 1940

The forecast in Calgary for Easter weekend had temperatures well below seasonal, with daytime highs 9 to 15 degrees C below average.

The last time it was this cold in Calgary for the Easter weekend was in 1940, when daytime highs ranged between -7 C and -12 C.

The average daytime high in Calgary this time of year is 7 C (44.6 F).

Alberta sets new records as temperatures drop 15 degrees in mere minutes Saturday

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April 3, 2018 at 09:45PM

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