A factual comment on Willlis Eschenbach’s and Christopher Monckton’s most recent posts, concerning clouds and ECS, respectively.

Guest opinion by Rud Istvan

I have but little scientifically to contribute, since they have been mostly factually correct.

But here I provide a little more scientific evidence, visual observational evidence supporting both.

The occasion arose from cooking two pork chops with BBQ on our George Forman Thrilin Grillin..

My data arises from a simple single climate incident off my west balcony (building being on the Atlantic beach east of the intercoastal in north Fort Lauderdale) so looking due west towards the Everglades.

Date was 4.4.18, intermediate between the winter dry and summer wet seasons in South Florida. Closest Wunderground data for this date PM was their Coral Ridge station, on the original Robert Trent Jones personally owned golf course, about a mile away from my balcony, a bit to the NW right of the photos).

Data:  79F, winds SSE 4, P 29.96. clouds SSW ~10000 feet, RH 66%, dew point 69F, rainfall zero.

Right. Now note even Wunderground cannot accurately report any local convection cell precipitation, from this visible mild convection cell viewed from a condo a mile from that golf course reporting site.


Figure 1. is off my western balcony about 1800 (due west toward the Everglades, using an obsolete Apple IPhone 3 camera: local precip from a definitely non T Storm small cumulonimbus. Note how small the precipitating convection cell actually is. Note also the convective radius is maybe 3-4km. Note also that the EW major street is Oakland Park Blvd, which Google earth can provide in detail anywhere along this longitudinal view.



Figure 2 is about a half hour later. Rain had progressed slowly to NW given SSE light winds, but had not stopped. Note from sunshade angle this was still not a full cumulonimbus, although had grown. And from Oakland Park Avenue, (the straight EW street) was progressing very slowly (and narrowly) NNW.



Fig 3. After another half hour, rain had ALMOST stopped DRIVEN BY SSE wind. None of this is other than a single climate incident. But has rather substantial probative climate model power.

Proof per guest post “the trouble with climate models” as this micro-stuff stops…When it stops convection raining, as happened here after just an hour, you cannot get from there to here in Climate model water vapor feedback. Willis and Monckton are correct. Visual observational example here just provided.

via Watts Up With That?


April 5, 2018 at 10:00AM

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