UK Lemmings Charge To The Front!

By Paul Homewood




As I noted yesterday, Lord Krebs and Joanna Haigh are wanting the UK to meet a zero emission target by 2050.

As UK emissions are two fifths of naff all, they admit that such a commitment, to be enshrined in law, would only be of symbolic value, to show an example to the rest of the world.

As I also pointed out, While OECD emissions had fallen by 8% since 2008, in the rest of the world they had risen by 22%. Our “example” did not seem to have done much good.


If we look at the breakdown of the OECD numbers however, our approach appears to be even more ineffective:




UK emissions have dropped by 28% since 2008, a bigger fall than any other major OECD nation.

Only Italy, with a cut of 25% has got anywhere near us, while emissions have increased sharply in South Korea. (Australia’s emissions are unchanged, if you are wondering why nothing is showing on the graph).

The likes of Joanna Haigh, who are paid to promote climate hysteria, may be happy that British lemmings are galloping towards the cliff edge, while more sensible ones are hanging back to see what happens.

I suspect if the public were given the full facts, they might not be so keen.


April 6, 2018 at 12:45PM

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