How do you plant crops in this?

Snow-covered fields, frozen ground, and temperatures 35 degrees below average!

“The high in Lethbridge, Alberta on Friday, April 6 was -8°C and the average is +12°C,” says Alberta reader Clive Schaupmeyer. “So it was 20 C° below average. (35 F° below average!)”

“Last night (once again) we had another 5 inches of snow.

“By now, here in southern Alberta, farming would normally have started 2 weeks ago and planting of wheat and other crops underway. The peak planting season would normally not be in full swing yet, but it is going to be a late spring here.

“The ground is still frozen and wet. You should see tractors in the fields.

This is the daily average temp for the past week at the Lethbridge airport. (The daily temp being the average of the day’s high and low temps.),ATVL&startdate=20180401&enddate=20180408&interval=DAILY

“This road cam is in the heart of potato country, just east of Taber.

“Of course, a couple of weeks of sun and wind will change the outlook fast. But the 14-day forecast is below average and more precip. Shall see. I don’t trust forecast beyond a couple of days.”

Thanks to Clive Schaupmeyer for these links


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