UK solar “farms” collect more taxpayer funds than sunlight

UK solar “farms” collect more taxpayer funds than sunlight

You may have thought that solar panels were designed to collect sunlight and convert it to electricity. But obviously the real aim of solar industrial plants is to attract government handouts and convert them into yachts.

Energy producers were encouraged to start solar farms with generous handouts funded by a ‘green levy’ on taxpayers’ bills.

But many of them now make the majority of their cash from the subsidy – instead of the electricity they produce.

This was part of the £5.6billion subsidy paid to green energy producers, which critics say inflates household energy bills.

Owl Hatch is the largest solar subsidy farm in the UK, harvesting £3.8million from captive UK taxpayers which allowed it to sell £2.5million of electricity. Supposedly, it can provide enough clean energy to power around 12,600 average UK homes. The 49.9MW Owls Hatch Solar Farm was constructed in just 12 weeks, showing just how fast subsidy sucking infrastructure can be created.

Owl’s Hatch Solar park collected 65% more money from subsidies than from sales of solar energy. (Another government “winning pick”). Owl’s Hatch only has to increase revenue from solar energy by 250% in order to legitimately earn the same total income as “sales plus subsidy” currently bring in.

The idea of subsidies was to help the new industries find their feet. Solar feet apparently take 15 – 20 years to find, as that’s how long the subsidies were guaranteed for.

The expected lifespan of the solar farm is only 25 years:

Councillors were ultimately swayed by the conditions attached to the permission – including that the farm be dismantled after 25 years and that council officers be satisfied that concerns about flooding were properly addressed.

Is there a penalty if the farms ends the same year that the subsidies do?

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