Canada’s environmental agenda is on the verge of collapse

Canadian rail route

All pain for no obvious gain is a hard sell for climate-obsessed politicians. The Canadian public seems to be suffering from propaganda overload.

There is no issue dividing us more than the environment, says Canada’s Globe and Mail.

The debate around climate change has, at times, devolved into one big shouting match. And, today it’s louder than it’s ever been.

Most people believe human-caused climate change is real, but far fewer agree on how to fix the problem. A new poll says a majority of Canadians favour setting emissions targets but aren’t sure carbon taxes are the way to reach these goals.

Meantime, hypocrisy abounds.

Albertan’s oil industry gets singled out in the climate debate, yet there is nary a word about car makers in Ontario and jet manufacturers in Quebec. There are no protesters threatening to close the Ford plant in Oakville or Bombardier’s aerospace facilities in Dorval. They seem to get a free pass when it comes to environmentalists’ focus on industries producing significant greenhouse gas emissions.

The discussion around climate has been bogged down in recriminations and counter recriminations. The average Canadian doesn’t know who to believe or what to think.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, for instance, says the province is reducing emissions without a carbon tax. But a recent provincial report said emissions in Saskatchewan are projected to be 55 per cent higher by 2030 than 1990 levels. That sounds bad. But it also said emissions will drop by 11 per cent between 2017 and 2030.

How does anyone make sense of that? Naturally, politicians are going to twist those figures in such a way that best suits their political ends. Mr. Moe uses the numbers he wants to fight a national carbon tax. Since no one likes paying more tax, the people of Saskatchewan are lining up behind him. (As they did with Brad Wall previously). In the process, they become more entrenched in their opposition to the federal government’s plan to bring down emissions.

Precisely the same thing is happening in Alberta, where people there feel they have received nothing in exchange for the significant environmental measures the NDP government brought in. Consequently, the enmity there toward Ottawa’s climate-change measures grows fiercer by the day.

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April 10, 2018 at 03:36AM

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