What Did Shell Know and When Did They Know It?

Guest ridicule by David Middleton

It just doesn’t get any more fracking stupid than this:

06/04/2018 1:12 AM IST

In 1998, Shell Predicted It Would Be Sued Over Climate Crisis Someday

By Chris D’Angelo

Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell was well aware of the world-altering climate risks associated with carbon dioxide emissions by at least the mid-1980s, according to a trove of internal company documents recently uncovered by a European journalist.

In a confidential 1988 report titled “The Greenhouse Effect,” Shell researchers wrote that planetary warming largely driven by burning fossil fuels could “create significant changes in sea level, ocean currents, precipitation patterns, regional temperature and weather” — changes that they predicted would “impact on the human environment, future living standards and food supplies, and could have major social, economic and political consequences.”


(Blah, blah. blah… #ExxonKnew redux ad nauseum.)

Read more at the Huntington Post

The triple top secret 1988 evil oil industry secret science confidential report on “The Greenhouse Effect” is drawn from published scientific literature that was publicly in 1998.


Page 6… Immediately after a highlighted paragraph.

At least one of the sources had been publicly available since 1861.


The “Greenhouse Effect” wasn’t an industry secret in 1988.  It was even mentioned in some of my Earth Science textbooks (albeit briefly and dismissively) in the 1970’s.  My Historical Geology textbook even mentioned Tyndall.

Suggestion that changing carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere could be a major factor in climate change dates from 1861, when it was proposed by British physicist John Tyndall.


Unfortunately we cannot estimate accurately changes of past CO2 content of either atmosphere ore oceans, nor is there any firm quantitative basis for estimating the the magnitude of drop in carbon dioxide content necessary to trigger glaciation.  Moreover the entire concept of an atmospheric greenhouse effect is controversial, for the rate of ocean-atmosphere equalization is uncertain.

Dott, Robert H. & Roger L. Batten.  Evolution of the Earth.  McGraw-Hill, Inc.  Second Edition 1976.

And… Notably not highlighted by the junk science journalists…


Page 1… No fracking consensus. Note how piratically the entire page is highlighted apart from this passage.

This is just a redux of the moronic #ExxonKnew crap.  No secret science, no proprietary oil industry climate models… Just summaries of the publicly available publications on the state of the “science” and potential for future regulatory malfeasance.

The pièce de résistance idiotic babbling about Shell’s 1998 “prediction” that it could face a “climate crisis” lawsuit.  This was cherry-picked from an internal publication: The Group of the Future and Group Scenarios 1998-2020.  



“Scenarios are plausible and challenging stories, notforecasts.

The document laid out many (more than I have time to count) challenging scenarios that could occur from 1998-2020.  These ranged from Gorebal Warming junk lawsuits, to Indian politics to the Supercar…

No… Not that Supercar… This Supercar:


Shell predicted Tony Stark and Stark Industries Elon Musk and Tesla.

Technically Gerry Anderson and Reg Hill predicted the Supercar in 1961 and Stan Lee created Elon Musk Tony Stark in 1963.

So… There you have it.  Shell didn’t know anything that the Climatariat didn’t already know in 1988.

via Watts Up With That?


April 11, 2018 at 07:53AM

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