CO2 causes baby fish to get lost on their way home. Save Nemo, change a lightglobe!!

Just when you think headlines can’t be that stupid:

Baby fish may not find their way home as the level of CO2 in the ocean rises, study finds

– ABC  Isabel Dayman

Baby fish may lose their ability to find their way home in the future due to rising CO2 levels in the ocean, a marine ecology expert has found.

What the study found was that fish larvae were not paying attention to the right noises.

The researchers put the larvae in a tank and bubbled CO2 through it constantly.  They appear to forget that CO2 changes naturally every night on reefs all over the world. Fish are not just used to having a daily shift, they prefer it. 

In shallow water, ocean acidification happens at 7pm daily, and after 400 million years, somehow, fish have adapted.

One previous study declared fish might become reckless in a high CO2 world, but later discovered that it was the laboratory setting that was the problem, not the CO2. When they added the daily pH swing back to their tanks, the fish behaved better and coped with the extra CO2. Laboratories are bad for fish.

Fish carry […]

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April 12, 2018 at 01:20PM

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