Worldwide wine output collapses – Major shortages feared

26 Apr 2018 – “Worldwide Wine Output Collapses To 60-Year Low, Sparks Fears Of Major Shortage,” says headline.

The Director-General of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, Jean-Marie Aurand, warned that global wine production collapsed in 2017, with a contraction of 8.6 percent compared with 2016. In fact, global wine output dropped to its lowest levels since 1957, primarily due to poor weather in the Eurozone which slashed production across the entire bloc.

In France, vinters reported “widespread damage in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne, with some losing their entire 2017 crop.

Here’s the full article:

Thanks to Carl and Ronald Baker for this link

“If it gets any warmer it’s going to snow,” says Carl.
“It’s just beginning,” says Ronald. “Build your greenhouses now.”

I’ve reported previously about the decline in French wine production here:
Burgundy wine growers on verge of bankruptcy – 6 Nov 2017 – That’s what three years of frost can do.

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