What Simon Evans Forgot To Tell You!

By Paul Homewood



That tiresome little man from Carbon Brief was bragging how much solar power was being generated yesterday, which also just happens to be one of the sunniest days this year:





Strangely, I don’t recall him telling us how little solar power was being generated last week and before.

Whereas yesterday it  peaked at 7.8GW, for most of last week, it rarely got above 3GW, as was also the case in early April:





And, of course, we need not even mention that solar power is already down to a third of its midday level.



As with all renewable lobbyists, Simon Evans always forgets to discuss the costs.

On average, solar farms receive 1.43 ROCs per MWh, a subsidy worth £67.52 per MWh (on top of the value of electricity sold).

Last year, this subsidy is estimated to have cost electricity users £775 million, all for a tiny amount of power (3% of total generation), that is extremely intermittent at the best of times, and virtually non existent in winter.

Ah, but the cost of solar power is coming down, isn’t it, and is now supposedly one of the cheapest sources of power? So we are told anyway.

Unfortunately, investors in solar power don’t seem to agree, and have effectively gone on strike since the ending of ROC subsidies in 2016.

According to BEIS, new additions have added just 1% to solar capacity since last March.

But you will hear none of this from Simon Evans.



May 7, 2018 at 03:00PM

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