Climate Science Essentially Gone

Climate Science Essentially Gone

Yet another amazing NSIDC fail. They posted bogus maps of multi-year sea ice this week, prompting Eric Holthaus to be shocked.

Eric Holthaus on Twitter:

This is exactly the same claim David Barber made nine years ago.

Multiyear Arctic ice is effectively gone: expert | Reuters

NSIDC forgot to update the age of the ice, and have since corrected it. Multi-year ice actually covers about half of the Arctic.Problem is –

Note: The ice age fields originally posted on Thursday, May 3, were incorrect. The ice age field has its “birthday” each September after the minimum, when all of the age values are incremented by one after the end of the summer melt season.

Arctic winter warms up to a low summer ice season | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Since 2009, there has been a large increase in multi-year ice. This is what it multi-year ice extent looked like in 2009.

ice_type_nh_polstere-100_multi_200905011200.png (380×560)

Two years ago I caught NSIDC making multi-year ice disappear.

Global warming is the biggest scam in science history. The Arctic isn’t cooperating, so scientists simply make stuff up.

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May 8, 2018 at 03:47PM

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