A question for my readers

A question for my readers

First, let me say thanks for stopping by on a daily basis, your continued patronage of this website in the fight against climate fanaticism is always appreciated. I’m considering some changes to WUWT’s formatting in the upcoming months to help keep important stories online longer, but before I do that I need the readers to answer a question that I can’t answer myself by looking at visitor data.

The question is: how do you see this website in your browser?

There’s two possible ways; the gallery format and the linear format. Depending on your screen resolution and browser window size, one of these two presentations is possible.

(larger screens and full width browser windows)

Gallery View of WUWT

(smaller screens and smaller browser windows)

(On phones)


Please tell my which view you normally see:

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Your answer will help me make WUWT better.

Thanks, Anthony

via Watts Up With That?


May 10, 2018 at 12:26PM

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