Minnesota Governor issues Executive Order due to late spring

Farmers in Minnesota “are facing a delayed and shortened spring planting season,” the order asserts.

Emergency Executive Order 18-07

Mark Dayton, Governor of the State of Minnesota, issued the Executive Order, which says in part:

“Whereas, due to late snowfalls and later than usual snowmelt, farmers in Minnesota are faced with a
delayed and shortened spring planting season;

“Whereas, it is anticipated that farmers will be planting through late May and early June which could
exacerbate the problem;

“Whereas, relief is needed to ensure that a sufficient supply of fe1iilizer and other resources such as
drivers and trucks are available to enable farmers to complete crop planting.

“Now, Therefore, I hereby order that:
1. A state of emergency exists in Minnesota that requires relief from regulations incorporated in
Minnesota Statutes, section 221.0314 subdivision 9, pe1iaining to hours of service for carriers
and drivers of commercial motor vehicles obtaining and delivering anhydrous ammonia or other
fe1iilizers, and providing direct assistance in emergency relief efforts.”

Governor Dayton signed the Executive Order on 16 May 2018.

What can I say? This is the sort of thing we can expect during a little ice age.

Please consider stockpiling some food.

See entire order:

Thanks to Brian Sharpley for this link



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May 18, 2018 at 08:12PM

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