New electric car–the ‘JATO’

New electric car–the ‘JATO’

Apparently, the marketing arm of this company has never heard of the Darwin awards myth about JATO units and automobiles.

Guest essay by John Hardy

The best-selling EV worldwide has been the Nissan Leaf. In Q1 2018 it was overtaken by a model made in China by BAIC, a domestic Chinese company. There were three other domestic Chinese manufacturers in the top 10. Forget CO2 and all that greenwash: the Chinese mean to eat the Western auto industry for breakfast.


Image copyright JATO Dynamics. Used by permission.

Yes the BAIC EC is small, range is limited, at $22k it could be cheaper (although if you figure in lifetime fuel costs it is competitive with the cheapest cars on the US market). It won’t haul a ton of logs up a muddy track or take 6 people from LA to NY without recharging or whatever is today’s excuse for dismissing EVs.

EVs are getting better all the time and if the Western auto industry waits until the competition are shipping big volumes of cheap 300 mile range cars the game will already be over. As a start they need to put serious money into battery gigafactories (The Chinese are running off with that football too).

Oh and for our US friends, BAIC have parked their tanks on your lawn. They are setting up a plant in Mexico.

via Watts Up With That?

May 27, 2018 at 06:03PM

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