Man-Made Flood Superstition

The press is quite predictably parroting their usual lies and hysteria about the Ellicott City, MD flooding, where they received 3-6 inches of rain in two hours.  Press geniuses are calling six inches inches of rain a 1-in-1000-year rain event.

I used to ride my bike to the Ellicott City Assembly of God church, where my friend Karen sang.

Racist Taunts In The Classroom | Real Science

Downtown Ellicott City is located in the bottom of an intermittent river channel, with lots of asphalt perched overhead.  When it rains, all the drainage off the parking lots comes directly downtown.

Even before the parking lots were built, Ellicott City had massive floods – their worst one occurring 150 years ago, with a “40 foot wall of water.”  According to USA Today, that was more than 1,000 years ago.

Historic Ellicott City, MD – Floods – Saturday, August 8, 1868

The Washington Post calls Ellicott City “a town of many, many floods” which the city has marked.

It is remarkable that anyone would would be stupid or dishonest enough to claim 3-6 inches of rain in two hours is a record. Maryland holds the US record of 1.23 inches of rain in one minute. On Memorial Day weekend 1935, Woodward Ranch, Texas received a world record fifteen inches of rain in two hours. And in 1942, Smethport, PA received a world record 28.5 inches of rain in three hours.

Extreme Weather: A Guide & Record Book – Christopher C. Burt – Google Books

On this date in 1935, two locations in Colorado received 24 inches of rain in six hours, killing hundreds of people.

Extreme Weather: A Guide & Record Book – Christopher C. Burt – Google Books

03 Jun 1935 – TRAGIC FLOODS – Trove

Climate alarmism depends on lies, fakes statistics and a misunderstanding of science and history. Downtown Ellicott City is disaster waiting to happen every time it rains.

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

May 30, 2018 at 07:25AM

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