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Canadian Climate Revolution: Voters Rebelling Against Trudeau Carbon Taxes

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Gregoire, and daughter Ella-Grace wave as they board a government plane in Ottawa, Monday August 29, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld
No kids,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Economist worries that Canadians are electing powerful state politicians opposed to Trudeau climate policies.

Can Ontario’s new leader wreck Canada’s climate-change plan?

If Alberta supports him, he might do

The Economist explains
Jun 27th 2018 by M.D. | OTTAWA

DOUG FORD says his first official act as leader of Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, will be to kill the cap-and-trade programme put in place by the Liberal government that his Progressive Conservatives defeated earlier this month. As of June 29th, the date of the handover, Mr Ford promises that what he describes as “the cap-and-trade carbon tax” will be gone. The climate-change programme is provincial policy, but it also forms part of Canada’s national plan, which crucially depends on each of the 10 provinces and three territories reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. In withdrawing Ontario, the second-largest emitter after energy-rich Alberta, will Mr Ford wreck the national climate-change plan?

Polls indicate the United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney will replace the climate-friendly New Democratic government in Alberta next year. Mr Kenney is promising to end Alberta’s climate-change plan. Imposing a carbon tax on Canada’s largest province will be tough. Taking on Alberta at the same time could well prove impossible.

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Greens cannot win, because green victories are self defeating.

I have got no doubt Canadians would love to move to a green energy future. Who wouldn’t want a magic source of energy which keeps people warm in winter without polluting the Earth?

Trudeau won with a promise to kickstart Canada’s green energy revolution. But all Canadians have seen is higher costs, job losses and precious little green progress.

For believers in green energy, people who after all the disappointments still genuinely believe green energy is a viable replacement for fossil fuels, the failure must somehow be Trudeau’s fault. Only an incompetent could fail to realise our inevitable low cost green future.

People who aren’t blinded by dogma are aware that green energy is not a viable replacement for fossil fuel. Even green energy advocates who make a genuine effort to investigate the issue, like Google Engineers in 2014, discover to their horror that there is no viable route to affordable green energy using anything remotely resembling current technology.

Believers will continue to be swept up by the lies and false promises, but green victories are short lived, and always end in disappointment. The growing Canadian revolution against Trudeau’s green fanaticism was inevitable.

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The Climatologians’ Credo

“The entire Arctic sea ice is melting away, already for decades (but, strangely, it keeps reappearing every winter). Presumably, paddle-boarding across the “Northwest Passage” is the up and coming progressive relaxation.”

“(We) must “decarbonize” and return to medieval technologies  like windmills and horse and buggy wagons, in order to save the planet.” – Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The Climatologians’ Credo

Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The internet news is awash with doom-and-gloom articles about the climate. Scenarios predicting ever more frequent weather events, like hurricanes, droughts, catastrophic rainfalls, and more millions of migrants from impoverished countries (often termed “refugees”), or none of the above, are all blamed – squarely – on “climate change” supposedly caused by the 0.04% of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere..

Climatologians everywhere are tripping over each other to “confirm”, propagate, and demand “actions” on their goals and beliefs – any facts to the contrary are of no consequence to them.

The Climatologians’ Thinking

Climatologians’ thinking contains such convictions as:

  • “Fossil fuels” (FFs) are the world’s villain; therefore, they must be controlled, better yet their use curtailed, or (“best choice”) left in the ground (see here, or here) ;
  • Anyone driving a gasoline or diesel-powered car ought to be sent to jail for “assaulting nature”, forthwith (see here, or here) and, preferably, forever;
  • Carbon dioxide (the main product of consuming/using FFs) is “incinerating” planet Earth (see here), or we are on a path to immolation;
  • Carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant (perhaps even worse than “Novichok” nerve gas agents) that will doom all life on Earth (see S. Supreme Court decision of 2007);
  • Sea levels are said to be rising at increasing rates and island nations situated in the Indian (e.g. the Maldives) and Pacific Oceans (e.g. Tuvalu and Kiribati) are claimed to rapidly being swallowed by the water, and the islanders to be fleeing for their lives (an example here);
  • Hurricanes and other storm events are increasing in frequency and severity ( American);
  • The entire Arctic sea ice is melting away, already for decades (but, strangely, it keeps reappearing every winter). Presumably, paddle-boarding across the “Northwest Passage” is the up and coming progressive relaxation (here);
  • Also, in the Arctic, polar bears (what, are there still any left [?]) are all drowning or starving to death due to carbon dioxide that’s supposed to melt of Arctic sea-ice (here);
  • At the earth’s opposite pole, in the Antarctic, glaciers and sea-ice melting is unprecedented, and the penguins are starving, or dying from heat (or cold [your choice]) at alarming rates (here);
  • Man (including “wo-“ and/or “ze-[?]“)-kind must “decarbonize” and return to medieval technologies  like windmills and horse and buggy wagons, in order to save the planet (here);
  • Tropical coral reefs are bleaching (dying) because of “climate change” while real pollution (from untreated sewage outflows emanating from ocean front abodes) is not thought of as a cause;
  • The world needs to “decarbonize”, i.e. you (and me) must give up driving a car (in reality, they mean any internal combustion machinery), and [best choice] switch to “pedal power” (here);
  • Heating (in winter), or cooling (in summer) of your abode is also a black mark on your “carbon footprint”, as claimed, you’ll be frying earth and all future generations (here).

I could expand the list above but I think you’ll get the drift without more boring claims. In any event, to any good climatologian, facts are irrelevant or, as the “Borg” said, “Resistance is futile”.

Resistance is Futile (?)

The simple fact is that those credos sound so good, so “nature-saving” but are, nevertheless, simply falsehoods, based on “fake news”, misunderstandings of “cause and consequence”, lack of scientific rigor, ideas based on political expediency, and so forth.

And (equally true), the Borg’s proclamation was false as well.

It must be a real conundrum for all the Climatologians at the UN, IPCC, PIK, and countless other (mostly taxpayer-funded) foundations, research institutes, and universities, etc., to find that all that hot air they have been expelling, by now for decades, has not brought the fruit they hoped for. In fact, just the opposite is the case – and for good reason, namely folks getting fed up with “false advertising.”

False Advertising

People are simply getting fed up with the daily drumbeats of “melting polar ice,” predictions of “oceans’ rising,” ”penguins in peril,” “polar bears vanishing,” and other doom-and-gloom pronunciations . Astute readers are becoming more versed in discerning such fake news from actual facts, true measurements and actual field observations (as opposed to computer-program-predicted “scenarios”).

Indeed, folks are getting thoroughly disgusted with many of the climatologians’ claims (as still pounded into them by the MSM), particularly when they can view the actual data pertaining to sea levels, ice masses, penguin and polar bear numbers, and so forth.

Moreover, the climatologians’ claims for a vital need to “decarbonize” while they jet from one holiday resort to another (on taxpayers’ cost) starts to get a bit tiresome. And the ads for the exclusive (five-star) holiday resorts in the Maldives ( ) certainly don’t mention their imminent drowning either. In fact, the Maldives are proud to host a million-plus visitors per year ( ) to their “drowning islands” to enjoy tranquil island hospitality (at $1K per night or so). Oh, speaking about the Maldives, despite all climatologians’ opinions, the population there, just as in the Pacific Ocean island nations (like Tuvalu, Kiribati, et al.) is still increasing, at close to 10% per year. For example, the official (government) produced population numbers for the Maldives in the years 2002: 269,000 and 2010: 305,000. Most recently, in 2016 it was estimated to be 428,000.

No matter how you slice the data, there is not the slightest evidence of “drowning” Maldives and other islands which the MSM, NGOs, and other “concerned” climatologians have been proclaiming for a long time.

Perhaps then, it’s time to suggest a real adventure for you (the dream of your lifetime), like an exciting experience in the True North.

True North

Why not go on a Northwest-Passage cruise on one of the hundreds (??) of excursions offered by enterprising outfits. Come and (hand)-feed some of the last remaining polar bears, they’ll be grateful for some nibblies.

CAUTION: they might like to eat your hand too!


Dr Klaus L E KaiserDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is a professional scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has worked as a research scientist and project chief at Environment Canada‘s Canada Centre for Inland Waters for over 30 years and is currently Director of Research at TerraBase Inc. He is author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and agency reports, books, computer programs, trade magazines, and newspaper articles.

Dr. Kaiser has been president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, a peer reviewer of numerous scientific papers for several journals, Editor-in-Chief of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly a decade, and an adjunct professor. He has contributed to a variety of scientific projects and reports and has made many presentations at national and international conferences.

Dr. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at:

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Climate Panic: Trump’s Justice Kennedy Replacement Might Repeal the EPA’s Right to Regulate CO2

Official White House Photo of President Trump

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Imagine how different the USA would be if climate laws were decided by the elected representatives of the people, instead of sneaky deep state manoeuvres designed to extend the reach of existing laws.

A landmark climate change ruling could go up in smoke after Justice Kennedy retires


After 30 years on the Supreme Court bench, Justice Anthony Kennedy will leave the nation’s highest courthouse at the end of July.

With Kennedy’s departure comes much uneasiness. One cause for concern is over the paramount climate decision Massachusetts v. EPA, in which Kennedy proved to be the deciding swing vote, as he often was. The worry is that with him gone, the ruling will be left imperiled.

The case occurred after the EPA decided, in 2003, that it could not regulate heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Twelve states, including Massachusetts, sued the agency. They argued that these gases were pollutants and a danger to the public. Eventually, the case found its way to the Supreme Court.

Settled by a five to four vote in 2007, Massachusetts v. EPA ruled for the first time that heat-trapping greenhouse gases are pollutants, and that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can regulate them, just as the agency reins in pollution emitted by cars and trucks.

“I think Massachusetts v. EPA is the most important environmental decision the Supreme Court has ever decided,” Ann Carlson, the director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the UCLA School of Law, said in an interview.

President Donald Trump will select the next Supreme Court nominee, and it’s almost certain this individual will, at minimum, find Massachusetts v. EPA flawed or bad law. Trump is openly hostile to widely accepted climate science, and appears not to have even an elementary understanding of how climate works.

Read more:

Massachusetts v. EPA gives the EPA the right to regulate CO2 using existing Clean Air Laws.

What I still find shocking is the utter contempt greens like Kaufman seem to display for democracy.

If greens want to regulate CO2, they should try to convince voters to support politicians who plan to regulate CO2.

Sneaky back door efforts to extend the reach of existing laws are politically dangerous. In my opinion the 2003 EPA vs Massachusetts decision, and many other examples of green contempt for democracy over the years, demonstrates that greens are well aware they don’t have the support they need to pass the draconian laws they would like to pass, but they just don’t care.

Greens are determined to get their way regardless of what the people want.

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Drudge Continues Pimping Heatwave Fake News

Drudge Continues Pimping Heatwave Fake News

Drudge is linking to articles claiming record heat in the East and the Midwest. As always, fake news.

New York isn’t forecast to have any 100 degree days this week, but this week in 1901 temperatures in New York were over 100 degrees on several days, and hundreds of people were dying on the streets. On June 29, 1936 – Indiana was 111 degrees – the first of many days over 110 degrees that summer.

Later in July 1901, the heatwave expanded to Europe

THE HEAT WAVE IN EUROPE.; Numerous Deaths in London — Effects of Drought Serious — No Signs of a Change in England.

And continued into August.

UNPRECEDENTED HEAT IN ITALY.; Vineyards Shriveled Up — People Forced to Sleep in the Open Air.

Climate alarmism depends on a lack of knowledge of history, combined with a press corps willing to print fake news. Cold and rainy in Boulder right now, and the greenest I have ever seen it at the end of June.

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