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Peter Ridd Sacking: Can Universities Lawfully Bully Academics into Silence?

Dr Peter Ridd has taken James Cook University to court protesting his sacking for what he says is, primarily, speaking-out about the lack of quality assurance in Great Barrier Reef science. Dr Ridd spoke out initially about there being no…

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How Battery Chemistry Assumptions Distort Nickel And Cobalt Demand Forecasts

By Paul Homewood   John Petersen, long term industry veteran and expert on energy storage, is making a presentation to the World Bank this week about grid scale storage. It will be based around his recent article below:   Summary…

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Where Will U.S. Frackers Drill Next?

With WTI oil prices staying above $60 a barrel for several months, U.S. drillers are breaking production records each week, mostly thanks to the Permian in West Texas and New Mexico. In recent months, however, some companies have started to test their fracking…

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Green Loans Dry Up As Subsidies End

By Paul Homewood   More evidence that new investment in onshore wind and solar power has dried up since the ending of subsidies in the UK. From the finance magazine, Peer2Peer:   A DEARTH of renewable energy loans has been…

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