Drudge Continues Pimping Heatwave Fake News

Drudge Continues Pimping Heatwave Fake News

Drudge is linking to articles claiming record heat in the East and the Midwest. As always, fake news.

New York isn’t forecast to have any 100 degree days this week, but this week in 1901 temperatures in New York were over 100 degrees on several days, and hundreds of people were dying on the streets. On June 29, 1936 – Indiana was 111 degrees – the first of many days over 110 degrees that summer.

Later in July 1901, the heatwave expanded to Europe

THE HEAT WAVE IN EUROPE.; Numerous Deaths in London — Effects of Drought Serious — No Signs of a Change in England.

And continued into August.

UNPRECEDENTED HEAT IN ITALY.; Vineyards Shriveled Up — People Forced to Sleep in the Open Air.

Climate alarmism depends on a lack of knowledge of history, combined with a press corps willing to print fake news. Cold and rainy in Boulder right now, and the greenest I have ever seen it at the end of June.

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June 30, 2018 at 05:28PM

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