Sixt Car Rental CEO Sees No Future For Electric Cars…”Politically Serious Mistake”…”Devours Money”

As the pressure mounts in Europe to ditch diesel-engine-powered cars and switch over to electric vehicles, a number of experts advise a sobriety before taking the great big green leap.

“Serious mistake”

According to the online German business weekly Wirthschaftswoche (WIWO) here, the CEO of Sixt car rental company, one of the largest in Europe, recently said he doesn’t believe in electric cars and that “it is a serious mistake politically.”

One main obstacle, Erich Sixt told in an telephone interview with with WIWO, is the supply of raw materials needed to manufacture car batteries, noting that the cobalt supply is mostly in the hands of China.

“Devour money”

CEO Sixt also mentioned other obstacles, among them the needed infrastructure to recharge the vehicles, which he says “would devour a lot of money”.

Scant demand

He also told WIWO that the range for electric cars was “a catastrophe”, adding that customers rarely ask for e-cars and that those who do, do so out of curiosity. Often things go awry for the those renting the cars:

Some call the rental outlet for help because they end up getting stuck on the autobahn after Garmisch-Partenkirchen.”

Thing of the rich

Sixt also says electric vehicles are a thing for the rich, who use them as a way to make themselves feel better. Sixt does, however, say there are some practical applications, such as renting them on small islands where range is not important.

He also told WIWO he would gladly take more into his fleet if demand warranted it.

ICE cars unbeatable in terms of reliability

WIWO summarizes Germany’s largest car rental CEO’s view of electric cars by reporting that overall he “doesn’t think much” of electric cars. The car and transportation expert obviously thinks that internal combustion engine (ICE) cars are still far superior.

When in the business of renting cars and making sure customers can reliably and safely get from point A to point B, or Z, the ICE cars are the way to go.

Germany in fact doing very little

Though German political leaders often talk big about electric mobility, so far very little has happened to make it a reality. All the talk about e-mobility has been lip service.

Electric vehicles are still more a green dream than they are reality. They’re great in the fantasy world, but in reality they are still a nightmare.


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June 2, 2018 at 05:59AM

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