WUWT cloud server migration complete; a few things you need to know

Hi everybody,

It’s taken a few days but it looks as if we have completed all of the tasks related to server migration to our new cloud server location. Like any high-tech endeavor there were a few hiccups, and some folks had difficulty reaching the new website due to DNS propagation delays, old bookmarks, and browser caches that refused to clear.

The problem had to do with the fact that in the old server location on WordPress.com the site was accessible by two different domain names that brought you to the same location. Unfortunately this caused some confusion with browser cache and in some browsers made it nearly impossible to clear. There’s also the issue of people that have subscribed to the website via e-mail. For some reason even though all the subscribers migrated, the connection to receive e-mail automatically did not and people are finding themselves needing to resubscribe to get e-mail notifications of new posts.

So, given what we’ve learned I prepared a few tips and tricks for you and I’m cross posting this to the old website as well.

  1. DNS propagation seems to have been fully resolved and there should be no problem reaching Wattsupwiththat.com from any location in the world. So, there’s nothing you need to do for that issue.
  2. Browser caches are still preventing some people from reaching the new website, and even typing in Wattsupwiththat.com sends people to the old website at wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com. To solve this, you must clear your browser cache. There’s no other way around it if you can’t reach the new website. The biggest problem had to do with Firefox browsers. They have a clear cache function than only defaults back to the last hour of browsing. You need to set that for “all time” and then clear your cache. For Android users, using the default browser that comes with your device you will need to do a similar thing. I can’t cover every possible circumstance here but I can direct you to a webpage that is helpful, which covers all of the most common browsers with specific instructions. Follow this link: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/ then choose the browser you are using from its menu.
  3. E-mail subscriptions. look for the “follow by e-mail” box on the right sidebar by scrolling down, it looks like this:

  4. Simply put in your email address and press the follow button. That should do it.
  5. Bookmarks. Check any bookmarks you made to be sure they have wattsupwiththat.com rather than wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com in them. Edit as needed.

That should do it. I’m sorry for the hassles, sometimes tech migration isn’t as smooth as you’d like it to be.

If you have any other issues not covered her, please leave a comment.

Top tip:

I used to be a Firefox fan, and a couple years ago I found it to be so buggy and problematic that I gave up on it and use Chrome exclusively now. It continues it’s long slide into obscurity as you can see:

As you can see, it’s not just my opinion.

A few other items worth noting are:

  1. We now have an edit function in comments that you leave. After you’ve pressed the “Post Comment” button and submitted your comment you’ll see it displayed along with a link below for editing it and a countdown timer. You’ll have 5 minutes to make an edit, and once that 5 min. is expired you would no longer be able to edit the comment. This should be sufficient for most users to fix typos and formatting issues.
  2. Images will no longer directly display in comments, that was a feature particular to being hosted on WordPress.com. I am examining a fix/workaround for this and I’ll advise if I have a solution.
  3. The ability to vote for a post using the 1 to 5 stars method is no longer available, again this was a feature particular to WordPress.com
  4. I believe that I have cleared all of the security warning issues related to displaying the home webpage. initially these were caused by failure of the new WordPress Pressable server to properly activate its certificate until DNS was fully propagated. That’s cleared now, but there were also some issues with images being served by HTTP protocol rather than HTPPS protocol, and this caused some overly alarming security programs to complain. I think I fixed all that but if not, please let me know.

I appreciate your patience and your patronage during this process, please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make your experience here at WUWT a pleasant and productive one.


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June 2, 2018 at 01:18PM

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