Peru – Snow over a foot deep covers Puno villages

Snow has covered all the pastures, so they can not feed their animals.

7 June 2018 – Intense snowfalls in high areas of the Altiplano region. In six provinces of the Puno region intense snowfalls generates havoc in the population dedicated to livestock activity, because the pastures were under snow of more than 40 cm (16 inches), reported the Regional Emergency Operations Center (COER).

Camelid pups die due to snowfall in Maure-Kallapuma

The temperature ranges from -15 to -17 C and the snowfall causes the death of South American camelids, which are the only support of local people, said the mayor of Marcos, Juan Ordoñez Paco.

The mayor said that since the beginning of the snowfall the death of approximately 300 pups, including llamas and alpacas due to pneumonia, diarrhea and fever caused by extreme conditions.

He explained that they have about 7,000 head of cattle and urged urgent support with fodder, because in the area the snow has covered all the pastures, so they can not feed them.

Ordoñez said that in the area there are around 500 settlers, of which about 150 are children, who require shelter and blankets to alleviate the intense cold.

The mayor of Tarata province, Efraín Caso Paúcar, said that snowfall has caused some communities to be cut off for a few hours and prevented the passage of vehicles that move along the Tarata-Challapalca-Mazocruz highway.

Puno, Peru, on high alert to prevent further deaths from pneumonia

Faced with the sharp drop in the temperature of the high Andean populations of Puno, the Regional Health Directorate (Diresa) launched a plan for permanent health surveillance in all health facilities to prevent the increase in deaths from pneumonia.

“Our main job at this time is to avoid major complications of respiratory diseases and avoid deaths from this type of problem,” said Jorge Enrique Sotomayor Perales, Regional Health Director of Puno.

According to reports from the Epidemiology Directorate of Puno, so far this year there have been six deaths of children under 5 years of age due to pneumonia, and 29,153 cases of children treated for cases of acute respiratory infections (ARI).

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