Pope condemns poor to even more poverty and deprivation

“Pope Francis has it Exactly Backwards on Climate Change,” reads the headline.

“This pope has a long history of supporting the notion of catastrophic man-made global warming, writes Gregory Wrightstone. “In 2015 he wrote his encyclical Laudato Si, on climate change and man’s responsibilities to the planet as a warning to his flock of the dangers of our “sins of emission” through our use of fossil fuels and in praise of renewable energy and living a more spartan existence.” 

“…in truth, it will be the poor that will bear the brunt of the very policies the Pope endorses. Pope Francis’ endorsement of climate agreements like the Paris Climate Accord will necessarily limit and reduce the availability of inexpensive, reliable energy that can help lift the billions of the poorest out of staggering poverty.

“Nearly a billion people do not have the benefit of electricity and another 2 billion have very limited access to the energy standards we expect in the western world,” Wrightstone points out.

It’s a shame that the Pope wants to condemn his followers to grinding poverty based on what I see as a total fraud.

See entire article:

Thanks to Klaus Kaiser for this link

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June 11, 2018 at 07:14AM

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