Record cold in Bolivia, Argentina and Peru

Rare snow in Santiago, Chile’s capital


12 June 2018 – “The record-breaking cold was not only in Chile. In Bolivia, the temperature has dropped to minus 14 degrees, and farmers say that hundreds of alpacas died due to frost. In Peru, snow fell over a large area, and the snow cover in some places even 40 centimeters (16 inches).”

“Meteorologists predict that in the next few days there will be a sharp drop in temperature also in Argentina, Buenos Aires mercury can fall to just 3 ° C.

“Though snow is not an anomaly for Santiago, it is rather rare.”

Śnieg w stolicy Chile. Rekordowo zimno w Boliwii, Argentynie i Peru

“Snow in Santiago totally unusual in June!” says reader.

“Normally.. we dont have snow in winter at the city.. this is extraordinary.

“Last year we had 2 episodes of snow

“The authority announced we are going to have a more severe than the last episode.”

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