Quote of the Week: Statistics and peer review

Quote of the Week: Statistics and peer review

WUWT reader J B Williamson writes:

I came across this obituary today which reminds us that its not just the climate universe that has problems.

Douglas Altman, statistician – obituary
Douglas Altman, who has died aged 69, waged a long-running campaign to improve the use of statistics in medical research.

A professor of statistics in medicine at the University of Oxford, in 1998 Altman described the problem as follows:

“The majority of statistical analyses are performed by people with an inadequate understanding of statistical methods. They are then peer reviewed by people who are generally no more knowledgeable. Sadly, much research may benefit researchers rather more than patients, especially when it is carried out primarily as a ridiculous career necessity.”

Requires sign in to read the rest.


via Watts Up With That?


June 13, 2018 at 03:20AM

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