Will the solar minimum cause a new ice age? asks Italian website

“The Italian website il meteo today has an article about low solar activity and its consequences,” says Italian geologist Dr Mirco Poletto. “Despite the fact that writers on that website believe in global warming, they are now considering a cold theory.”

“I think now cooling evidences are so strong they can’t be ignored any longer.”

Excerpts from the il meteo article, written by meteorologist Marco Castelli, 14 June 2018:

Will the solar minimum cause a new ice age?

Our star is at the minimum of activity, and the consequences could be glacial.

Our beloved Sun has reached its deepest solar minimum; we are talking about the sunspot count. The fewer sunspots, the less heat emanates the Sun, and the more spots, the stronger the energy is.

For months now few or no spots have been seen.

Most climatologists believe that the last event of this kind, which took place between 1645 and 1715, caused the “little ice age” in which the global average temperature of the Earth dropped by 1.3 ° C, thus causing massive waves of frost on many European countries for many years.

With these premises it is self-evident to think that the Earth’s climate is gradually cooling down , probably leading us to another small ice age …

So be careful, if the sun does not wake up, Winter could be closer than you think …


Thanks to Dr Mirco Poletto for this link

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June 14, 2018 at 05:12PM

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