German Public Television Report: “Electric Cars A Swindle” …”Rolling Climate-Killers”

Germany is a country that madly rushed in all earnest into green energies without any planning and thought some 10 years ago. Electric cars of course were envisioned as being a key part of the green energy transition, dubbed the Energiewende.

Fortunately, since then, some are beginning to wake up to the harsh reality of “green” energy.

10 years later, despite the now 56 gigawatts of installed wind capacity and 40 gigawatts of installed solar capacity, the country still relies on fossil fuels for more than half of its energy supply. That fact and the all batteries needed make e-cars a fake green dream.

“Eco-Swindle E-Auto”

This all means that over the long term electric cars in Germany are still more CO2 intensive than regular gasoline powered cars, according to a recent report titled “Eco-Swindle E-Auto” on DW German public television:

According to moderator Thomas Spahn, e-cars in Germany are not living up at all to the promises of being environmentally friendly. Quite to the contrary. “It’s a pity that this climate friendly vision still fails the test of reality,” he says.

Worse than diesel automobiles

According to Spahn of DW, the Stockholm Environmental Research Institute (IVL) calculated that just the production of the batteries for a Tesla S car spews some 17 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and that this is just as bad for the environment as a diesel or gasoline engine after being on the road 200,000 kilometers!

What’s worse, according to Spahn, is that in Germany the CO2 performance of e-cars is even worse because more than half the power that is needed to charge the e-vehicles is generated from coal or gas fuel, and thus he calls e-cars “rolling climate killers”.

“Illusion” and “self-delusion”

According to Spahn, e-cars won’t be clean until all electric power in Germany gets produced exclusively by green energies.

But that will take decades. Until then, climate-friendly e-cars unfortunately will remain an illusion. But let’s be honest, self-delusion is indeed the nicest when you can share it with many others.”

German online daily SHZ here wrote:

Raw material processing and the production of batteries in plants account for about 80% of the total environmental burden.”

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July 1, 2018 at 09:34AM

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