Sweden – Record amount of snow may last the entire summer

27 June 2018 – Record snowfall this past winter in northern Sweden has left the city of Luleå with a huge amount of snow that refuses to melt.

Each winter, tons of snow are collected in one spot in Porsön, a largely residential area north of the city center.

But so much snow fell on the city this past winter that the resulting heap is around three times as large as in previous years. The snow pile measured 38 meters (124 feet) tall when it first began to melt. That’s the height of a 12-story building!

Now authorities are hoping that huge heap all melts away before the new winter season sets in.

Ordinarily, the municipality uses machines once – just once – during the summer to break up the snow and help it melt faster, but this year that one-time solution looks to be woefully insufficient.

“It would require an excavator working there over the whole summer, and there’s no budget for that,” said a municipal representative.

If nature doesn’t come to the rescue, authorities will be forced to find a new location to store snow this coming winter.


Thanks to Laurel and Adoni for this link

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July 1, 2018 at 05:56PM

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